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Award winning visual effects designer, John Gaeta, is on-board the Kinect development train! The Float Hybrid Entertainment is a company formed by Matrix and Speed Racer visual designer, John Gaeta in an effort to push the world of interactive entertainment! This video by the company introduces us to their company and the various videos inside their Youtube Page are spectacular products! Various games are featured by the FLOAT Hybrid Entertainment company such as the World Builder, Infiltrator and Sound Flower. Each game utilizes the Kinect plus great gameplay and visuals in order to create a new gaming experience. Aside from these, the company has also made it possible to network multiple Kinects at one time!  With a gifted visual effects designer heading a team of dedicated Kinect minds, Float Hybrid Entertainment will surely be a major player in the Kinect industry!

For more information and videos from Float Hybrid Entertainment, visit the company’s Youtube Page.


  1. Hi after watching your most impressive video I have to ask if I can take part in your beta testing. Game’s at the moment have done very little to inspire me such as the classics once did. But I can see a bright future with the Kinetic please allow me to be part of it. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon



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