Softkinetic just released the first SDK that is compatible with the Kinect. The IISU (the Interface IS U) is the first yet unofficial SDK to further utilize the Kinect. This release comes earlier than Microsoft’s official SDK which was promised this March. Developers may now avail of this earlier SDK but Softkinetic in order to experiment and produce programs with much more liberty and features. We will keep a close eye on this and send you updates as soon as they come.

If you can’t wait for Microsoft’s SDK, then visit Softkinetic’s IISU page.

Here is the official description of the IISU from Softkinetic’s website:

“Softkinetic’s award-winning, patent-pending iisu™ (“the Interface is U”) technology is the most advanced real-time 3D gesture recognition software platform on the market. Enabled with a depth sensing imager, it allows end-users to watch their video images or full-body 3D avatar while interacting in real time with computer-generated characters and devices. Compatible with all major 3D depth-sensing devices, iisu™ is available now to developers of Interactive Digital Entertainment, Serious Games, Interactive Marketing solutions and Consumer Electronics applications.

iisu™ software and tools insulate game and interactive application developers from the low-level technicalities of 3D depth-sensing imagers. Thanks to a rich set of interfaces and predefined gesture-based patterns, development cycles are dramatically reduced – developers can focus on their core business.

iisu™ is delivered as a cross platform software development kit (SDK). To assist customers with rapid product design, development and testing, we provide technical consulting and development services for 3D graphics, games or other applications.”

Currently, the Softkinetic IISU is not available for download. But as soon as it is live, expect to hear from us here at

For more information about the IISU, visit its webpage. You can also view the data sheet of the IISU here.

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