Once you have a powerful development platform for creating rich interactive applications (RIAs) like Silverlight 5 and use Microsoft Kinect SDK to move and manipulate, you then will have something like the Extraterrestrial Map Kinections.

Instead of using a mouse or keyboard to navigate, you can now use your bare hands to explore surfaces of the moon or any other planet for that matter. You can do different commands like rotate left/right or zoom in and out to see the lunar landing sites. This is made possible by using Kinect gestures and utilize a socket service to send commands to a Silverlight 5 XNA 3D viewer for NASA of a color shaded relief map of the moon.

This is certainly an extraordinary and perhaps an “extraterrestrial” way to use Kinect and considering that its development is still on its early stages, we can only await how Kinect will change how we look to our heavens.

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