As expected, the inevitable event of combining 3D media and the Kinect yielded excellent display results. By having the Kinect detect the presence and distance of the user and the 3D TV responding accordingly, users will experience a seemingly merged true and virtual reality. Software developer Robert Kooima released this video and displayed the “merged reality” at work. The Kinect detects the user’s position and objects in the 3D TV screen change their angles in order to immerse the users into a virtual reality. The magic however is that this combination of user interactivity and 3d results into the items in the TV screen appearing to be on a different plane of the TV screen itself.

Robert Kooima hopes that his development will push movie and video game developers to produce an interactive 3d experience to the public. This software was developed with the openNI and was used in the Ubuntu Linux OS. OpenGL and Nvidia GTX470 was used to render the graphics and the Electro VR application was responsible for the visualization.


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