Flat canvases will cease to exist now that the Kinect has made it possible for artist to draw in 3d. Memo Akten recently released this video of him drawing in spirals and lines in 3d using the Kinect. In the video, one hand is the designated pencil while the other hand is in charge of rotating the image. This gives the user the freedom to create revolutionary artworks with the use of their hands or body movements. While the program is still on its initial phase, this easy yet effective method of 3d artwork creation holds exciting promise especially to artists looking for a new way to create masterpieces.

We may see more tools, colors and features as the project develops. The project was made possible by the use of libfreenect and ofxKinect to provide access to openFrameworks.

For more information about this 3d Artwork Creation using the Kinect, visit the code’s website for more info. The code is also available for download there.


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