The Kinect’s depth camera and motion sensor are featues that enterprising hackers have take advantage of to create all sorts of amzing applications. Today’s feature is a good example of that. This Kinect-based application from divIT allows your presentations to shine by giving you an opprotunity to control the flow by usning no more than simple gestures. Here are some of its features:

  • augmented reality mode where graphical elements are positioned in real space
  • real time rendering from dynamic data
  • real time and on demand data tracking
  • projection mode with any display
  • multitouch interface for tablets with additional information for the presenter
  • gesture based interfaces
  • adaptive menus with intelligent real-space positioning
  • gesture driven events
  • touchless pointer control

The developers are pitching it as a tool ideal for broadcasts, formal meetings, showrooms and other situations that may require you to have a fancy way of showing information. You can check out the application in action by watching the video we’ve included. The link to their website is also provided below should you want additional information.


Visit Project Website




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