Last February 1st, Microsoft released a new version of the Kinect SDK. This new release gave users improved skeletal tracking, better speech recognition, modified API, and the capability to have up to four Kinect sensors plugged to one computer. All these improvements were openly welcomed by the Kinect hacking community and created more and even bigger possibilities.

There are of course challenges to be expected with every new release. And if you’re like these guys from TupperBot, you may have had some issues with the WPF and in getting the depth stream from the Kinect. If those challenges haven’t made you give up yet and are just looking for help, the good news is that these kind hackers have taken the time to look at Microsoft’s code and lay out the “simplest, shortest, and easiest source code you can use to get the depth stream from the Kinect.”

They call their version a “simplification” of the Explorer Example included with the February release of the Kinect SDK. Their tutorial will show users how to get the minimum code required to get the depth image drawn in a WPF program.
The guys have posted the details of the tutorial over at their website. We’ve provided a handy-dandy link below for your convenience.

Hope the tutorial helps and be sure to share what you come up with. Happy Kinect hacking!

Visit Tutorial


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