Last week, we saw the community tap the Kinect’s motion-based feature and use it to create a beta program for presentation delivery. Today, So Touch and Evoluce unveiled the “So Touch Air Presenter”, a presentation platform that make use of the Kinect. The program will be giving users the liberty and style to deliver to their audience, a motion-controlled presentation. In this video, So Touch showcased the Air Presenter by displaying the different gestures the user can make in order to switch slides, play videos, zoom in and out and many more. This will be extremely beneficial for members of the corporate or sales world that rely on captivating and innovative presentations to arouse and maintain the attention of their viewers.

Here is a product description by So Touch:

“So touch, the leading creative software company for new digital technologies, in partnership with Evoluce, the leading provider of advanced multi-touch screen technologies, present: So touch Air Presenter for Kinect. The world’s first presentation software optimized for Kinect.

Turn your corporate presentations, welcome areas, trade show booths and point of sales into mind boggling experiences, controlling your presentation with multi-touch gestures leveraging So touch Air Presenter gestures software and Evoluce Kinect Windows 7 software.”

For more information about the So Touch Air Presenter, visit theirĀ website. The trial version of the Air Presenter will be available “very soon”. As soon as it is released, expect to see it here at

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