When I was younger, one of the things I enjoyed about going to malls were the motion-sensor doors that would open as soon as you approached them. When about to enter, I would get just close enough, raise my arm and slowly swipe my fingers across the air in front of the sensor. The doors would of course open and for a brief moment I can pretend that I did that by sheer force of will…

Who am I kidding? I still do that now. This is also why I’m not surprised at how much fun people were having with motion-sensor swaying grass.

Dedon, a high-end quality outdoor furniture maker, commissioned Sarkissian Mason to create a storefront display for their flagship store in SOHO. The result is what the designer calls “an experiment in physical interactivity” and another classic example of creativity extending the abilities of an amazing machine like the Kinect – a wall of grass on the storefront window was connected to a Kinect allowing passersby to “control” the grass and make them sway. It’s a great display as it’s something that makes the store easily stand out and gives people something to smile about.

Check out the video to see people having silly fun with grass in the middle of a New York street and the design agency’s website for more information on their other creative endeavors.

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