We’ve featured Kinect hacks that give users an opportunity to mix song and dance into arguably new works of art. Today’ we’ve got another hack from Chris Vik that aims to do just that. Here are the details of the project straight from the developer himself:

“Since April 2011 I’ve been working solidly with the Microsoft Kinect, developing my software, Kinectar, to enable its use as a MIDI controller for performing music live. I’ve done a number of performances around Australia since I started the project, however, it’s safe to say that, although I would consider myself an electronic musician, I’m certainly no dancer. Enter, Paul…

“Dancer, Paul Walker and I have joined forces to bring the Kinect controlled music concept into the world of contemporary dance. Recently we obtained a residency at PACT theatre (centre for emerging artists), where we spent the week developing different ways of implementing my Kinect music control system in a dance context.

“My system is developed in Max and uses OpenNI drivers, OSCeleton and Ableton Live.”

It’s nice to know how the Kinect is bringing people together to collaborate on these interesting performance pieces that allow us tgo experience things like music and dance differently. Head on over to their project website to get more details about the project.


Visit Project Website



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