Not limiting itself to the Xbox, the Kinect community has developed a code to control the Sony Playstation 3 console using gestures and movements. Users can now browse through the Playstation’s operating system using gesture-based commands through the Kinect. Playstation is the chief competitor of the Xbox but such rivalries do not exist in the language of the community. As long as it can support the Kinect and the community’s drivers and programs, any platform is good to go. The Playstation then is no exception to the list.

The video by Shantanu Goel shows how he has managed to make the Kinect work in the PS3. He uses his hand movements to navigate through the Playstation’s many features, swinging his arm ┬ávertically and horizontally. By using a push maneuver, he can activate the feature in the currently selected icon. If the OS can be controlled by the Kinect, are we going to expect PS3 games to also exhibit this Kinect compatibility?

For more information about the Kinect PS3 project, visit Shantanu Goel’s website or download the code here.

Download Code
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