We just can’t get enough of Kinect-controlled Humanoid Robots and this time, we’re featuring a Kinect technology that is close to actually having your own mechanized avatar. The Japanese’s dedication in further developing the use and concept of robots has reached a new high now that depth imaging and detection is made available by the Kinect. In this video by Youtube user , a user is able to accurately control a humanoid robot. In contrast with the other Kinect-controlled robots featured here in Kinecthacks.com, this humanoid mech responds with such an impressive speed and precision. From arm movements to knee bends, the robot copies the user’s position and posture and gives a sneak peek on the future of controlling avatar robots through gesture-based commands. The credit goes to the developers and researchers from V-sido who continually push for advanced real-time control systems for humanoid robots.

For more information about V-sido and their developments, visit their website.


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