The Kinect has been breaking ground in music and audio visual performance. It’s opened doors for visionaries everywhere to showcase new kinds of performance arts that utilize music, motion and machines. Today’s featured hack is another example of this.

Ethno Tekh is a collaboration between Chris Vik, the man behind Kinectar, and Splash’s Brad Hammond. Together, their latest project creates interactive installations and motion capture-based audio visual performances. Ethno Tekh is their very first Kinect-based audio visual performance that was presented at Microsoft’s TechEd 2012.

Here’s a rundown of the technical details from the developers:

“Our system is built primarily with Max and Unity3D, with the music and visuals run off separate computers. There’s a lot of communication between the two systems using OSC, including trigger messaging for instrument changes and drops, as well as FFT audio analysis and MIDI to OSC conversions to closely tie the vision with the audio.”

For more details on Ethno Tekh, be sure to visit the project website. We’ve included a link for you below.


Visit Project Website


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