In case we’ve got any company heads or big bosses out there looking for a great way to review your business performance, we’ve got an innovative new tool from the guys at Keytree Labs that makes going through sales reports and performance dashboards much more intuitive and at the same time much more engaging. It’s called CEO Vision, a system that utilizes 2 HD cameras, a head display and a Microsoft Kinect.

The main difference between this system and other management dashboards it it has what Keytree Labs calls “Spatial Operating Environment.” This system allows you to forego traditional input devices such as a computer mouse, a keyboard or a screen to view and analyze critical data. This is an interface that they’ve developed to work perfectly in conjunction with SAP HANA.

It’s amazing to see this tool in action. I was especially surprised at how smooth it seemed to operate and how it accurately linked data together, allowing you to glean all necessary information in order to know how your company is performing. We could very well be seeing the next step in data generation and presentation with Keytree Lab’s CEO Vision. I for one am very curious to see how this project evolves.

In case you’re interested in learning more, we’ve included a link to their website below.


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