Virtual Reality

Kinect and Dead Space 2 for motion-controlled horror

Don't just play the panic, live it. If you think you can calmly control through the horrors of Dead Space 2, with the Kinect,...

Kinect Body Gestures for Virtual Reality Platform

Now, hackers create a more robust control for virtual reality with this latest experimentation! The Kinect Body Gestures for Virtual Reality Platform aims to...

Kinect Maintenance Training

For upcoming crews with delicate tasks, the Kinect will be your buddy in instructing you with the tasks and information you need! The Kinect...

Kinect Real-Time Motion Capture with XNA

The world of animation and computer generated graphics is receiving a boost thanks to the Kinect! The Kinect Real-time Motion Capture with XNA is...

Mini-VREM (Mini-Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin) project

The Mini-VREM platform is composed of a traditional mannequin for physical interaction and a self-learning software guided by Kinect Sensor. The software will automatically...
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