Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Telepresence via Kinect

When Google Glass was announced, people were blown-away by the tech giant's plans for augmented reality technology. Not to be left behind, today's featured hack is...

House browsing and painting with the Kinect

One thing that's really awesome about the Kinect is that it could potentially open doors to virtual reality. Imagine being able to experience things...

Faceshift will make virtual conversations more interesting

World of Warcraft is a groundbreaking MMORPG that brought countless gamers as close as they can get to living in a fantasy world. It...

Kinect-based Real Estate Demo

We've talked about how the Kinect can help make marketing campaigns completely captivating. Today, we've got another innovative example of how Microsoft's miracle tool...

Virtual Shopping with Store Trek 3D

Online shopping has been a great boon for people who don't enjoy having to put pants on just to get some new stuff. The...
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