3D Modeling

Hand Detection using Kinect in 3D Space

More developments are on their way in pushing the Kinect's ability to firmly detect every aspect of the user's body. The latest we are...

Kinect Real Time 3D Surface Reconstruction – KinectFusion

Have the Kinect detect and display 3d surfaces in real time! The Kinect Real Time 3D Surface Reconstruction - KinectFusion allows an in depth...

Computationally Constrained MAV for Kinect 3d Exploration

Developments continue to pour in as the Kinect community pushes itself to further improve the Kinect robots with automated navigation. The most recent one...

Kinect now able to do accurate 3d Facial Scan

A detailed 3d face scan is now available for the local consumers for lower costs as Kinect technology makes this possible. Through the Kinect's...

Real-Time 3D Motion Capture with Kinect – Organic Motion

In the quest to create a competitively-priced 3d Motion Capture setup, developers have pushed themselves and technology to limit. Yet, with the release of...
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