3D Modeling

Kinect Avatar: A low cost 3D modelling tool

According to the developers, Kinect Avatar is a "novel scanning system for capturing a full 3D human body model using just a single depth...

3D Vehicle Scanning with the Kinect

Ever want to take a 3d image of your car for utility or souvenir purposes? Well wonder no more as the Kinect 3D Vehicle...

ReconstructMe SDK is a real time 3D reconstruction tool

Looking for a new real time 3D reconstruction tool to try out? Not happy with the current one you're using? Then you may want...

Capture 3d Pictures With Kinect

As the programs continue to flow, users are getting more interested in experiment with the Kinect's capability in producing 3d media. Luckily for us,...

Fusion4D – 3D Video Manipulation

Grab or release. Explode or assemble. Even turn back time! These are just some of the tricks you can get from Fusion4D. As you can...
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