3D Modeling

Home Modeling Made Easy with Kinect@Home

With its 3D tracking and rendering capabilities, people looking for a cheap way to reconstruct 3D models have turned to the Kinect. Today's featured...

Kinect-Based Modelling Tool

It's really amazing how many students are finding all sorts of different applications for the Kinect. And today's featured hack is no different. The students...

Second Story Head Tracking Display

One of the Kinect's most prominent features is it's ability to track movements and translate late into something that a computer can understand. Today's...

ReconstructMe: Real Time 3D Reconstruction for Everybody

Here's a new hack that promises something truly amazing: Grab a camera and point it at an object and you'll get a 3D reconstruction...

Matherix 3Dify uses Kinect for 3D reconstruction

It's amazing how people have found so many different uses for the Kinect's motion sensor and depth camera. We've seen it used to map...
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