3D Modeling

Excellent results from Kinect and 3D TV combination

As expected, the inevitable event of combining 3D media and the Kinect yielded excellent display results. By having the Kinect detect the presence and...

Kinect and objects on Arbitrary Planes – new interactive light show

This interesting take on the Kinect's capability to detect depth will definitely interest light show enthusiasts. With the help of Kinect, users may now...

Draw in 3d with the Kinect

Flat canvases will cease to exist now that the Kinect has made it possible for artist to draw in 3d. Memo Akten recently released...

3d Map reconstruction by Kinect Robot

The past entries featured robots responding to human commands and also having autonomous navigation but this Kinect Robot creates a 3d reconstruction of a...

Panning 3D Video with the Kinect

We already have the capability to panoramically view 3d images but to capture and panoramically view 3d video? That is definitely becoming a possibility...
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