3D Modeling

Kinect Quadrotor with GPS-Denied Flight and Image Mapping

At unexplored terrains or perilous locations, we often wish for a safe and convenient way to know more about place. We dream of autonomous...

Holographic Display with the Kinect SDK

Now that the Kinect SDK has come out, we're seeing a lot of new and interesting hacks from the community! The Kinect Holographic Display...

Real-Time 3D Motion Capture with Kinect – Organic Motion

In the quest to create a competitively-priced 3d Motion Capture setup, developers have pushed themselves and technology to limit. Yet, with the release of...

Hand Detection using Kinect in 3D Space

More developments are on their way in pushing the Kinect's ability to firmly detect every aspect of the user's body. The latest we are...

Kinect detects 3d Facial Expressions

From the body, to the fingers, to the expressions of the face. The Kinect community is further exploiting the technological prowess given to them...
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