3D Modeling

Hand Detection using Kinect in 3D Space

More developments are on their way in pushing the Kinect's ability to firmly detect every aspect of the user's body. The latest we are...

Kinect Localization and Mapping System – iC2020

When you put the latest development in Kinect 3d Scene Reconstruction and automated navigation, you get a preview of what reconnaissance and safety would be like...

Kinect Avatar: A low cost 3D modelling tool

According to the developers, Kinect Avatar is a "novel scanning system for capturing a full 3D human body model using just a single depth...

Walking with the Kinect

So how does the world look like in the eyes of the Kinect's depth camera? Wonder no more as Nick Fox-Grieg recently went around...

Kinect iBeamer for Interactive 3D Image Viewer

Experience a whole new 3d world at your every step! The Kinect iBeamer for Interactive 3D Image Viewer exploits the head tracking of the...
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