3D Modeling

Hampi Pillar 3D Reconstruction via Kinect

You’ve seen it on National Geographic and Discovery channels. They make 3D reconstruction of faces, parts of the earth, and even actual events all...

Kinect Live 3d Rendering – Bubble Boy

It is one thing to capture image outlines, it is another to get real time point cloud images from the Kinect. The Kinect community...

Kinect with Interactive Projection Mapping

More and more developer-artists are seeking new ways to capitalize on the features brought by the Kinect. We've seen numerous creative works from Kinect...

3D Vehicle Scanning with the Kinect

Ever want to take a 3d image of your car for utility or souvenir purposes? Well wonder no more as the Kinect 3D Vehicle...

Real-Time 3D Motion Capture with Kinect – Organic Motion

In the quest to create a competitively-priced 3d Motion Capture setup, developers have pushed themselves and technology to limit. Yet, with the release of...
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