3D Modeling

Kinect with Interactive Projection Mapping

More and more developer-artists are seeking new ways to capitalize on the features brought by the Kinect. We've seen numerous creative works from Kinect...

Kinect Turntable 3D Scanner

This cheap and affordable setup brings 3d scanning to all Kinect users! The Kinect Turntable 3D Scanner is an ingenious setup with the Microsoft...

Kinect now able to do accurate 3d Facial Scan

A detailed 3d face scan is now available for the local consumers for lower costs as Kinect technology makes this possible. Through the Kinect's...

3D-Modeling tool Kinect Fusion to be included with Windows SDK

Big news for all Kinect Hackers out there -- Microsoft has announced that a future update for the  Kinect for Windows software developer kit...

3D stereoscopic game with gesture controls for 3D LG CINEMA TVs

Russian company United 3D Labs developed a 3D stereoscopic interactive game as part of a promo event for 3D LG CINEMA TVs. The user controls...
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