3D Modeling

3D stereoscopic game with gesture controls for 3D LG CINEMA TVs

Russian company United 3D Labs developed a 3D stereoscopic interactive game as part of a promo event for 3D LG CINEMA TVs. The user controls...

ReconstructMe SDK is a real time 3D reconstruction tool

Looking for a new real time 3D reconstruction tool to try out? Not happy with the current one you're using? Then you may want...

Kinect Avatar: A low cost 3D modelling tool

According to the developers, Kinect Avatar is a "novel scanning system for capturing a full 3D human body model using just a single depth...

ZeroUI to make building 3D models as simple as possible

ZeroUI is a start-up company focused on bringing hands-free 3D modeling to the masses. Their pitch is to create a tool that will allow...

3D-Modeling tool Kinect Fusion to be included with Windows SDK

Big news for all Kinect Hackers out there -- Microsoft has announced that a future update for the  Kinect for Windows software developer kit...
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