As the programs continue to flow, users are getting more interested in experiment with the Kinect’s capability in producing 3d media. Luckily for us, developer Soroush Falahati was generous enough to share his program to the community. Capturing 3d images is now made easier thanks to Falahati’s Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool. Utilizing the Kinect’s depth camera, the 3D Photo Capture Tool gives the users the liberty to take either anaglyph or stereoscopic pictures. As the developer puts it, ┬áthe installation process is easy and the use of the program, is easier. Users may now use their Kinect in realizing their 3D dreams and start taking experimenting on pictures of 3 dimensional quality.

For more information about the 3D Photo Capture tool, visit its website or download the program here.

Download Code Visit Website


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