More technical data and improvements for existing Kinect kits and drivers are being developed and shared. This recent Kinect program gives users the ability to conduct full body tracking much easier and more efficiently that its predecessors. Vangos Pterneas has developed this Kinect body tracking program that make use of OpenNI and Windows Presentation Foundation. This program does not need .Net 2 staff programs as this .Net 4 wrapper library can be ran solely in WPF applications. The program is named Nui.Vision.

Here is a more detailed description by Vangos Pterneas:

“I found OpenNI C# samples a little messy, so I decided to develop a .NET 4 wrapper library which could be used into WPF applicationsĀ whithout requiring .NET 2 staff like GDI+, System.Drawing, etc. I named itĀ Nui.Vision and it’s part of a larger framework I currently develop. Nui.Vision is a .NET 4 assembly which offers an easy-to-use body tracking API!”

This video shows how the Kinect can plot points in the screen in order to give a body tracking system to the user.

For more information about the Nui.Vision, visit the developer’s website or download the code here.

Download Code Visit Website


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