This is another gaming contribution by Kinect community member but this time, the theme is more “godly”. Your hand can literally be the all-powerful hand of God in the God-Sim Game, Black and White. Guiding your chosen people to salvation or utter distraction lies in your will to do good or evil and also on the movements of your hands. In this video, the basic features of the game such as picking up objects and villagers as well as conjuring and casting miracles/spells can be done by the user’s hand motion. As the developer cites, the use of Kinect and hand motions to control Black and White seems to be a natural fit for the simulation game. The developer wonders why the game was not made as such to begin with. With that said, we’re hoping that Black and White 3 can be fully compatible with the Kinect. Who can say no to really controlling life and the elements?

Here is a brief description of the project from the developer:

“I hope you agree that this all time classic plays wonderfully with Kinect. Picking up villagers and objects, casting spells and interacting with your creature are all 100% intuitive. The chuck is used for WASD movement again, this could be done with gestures but I felt that it required too much co-ordination and created a barrier to the game. Mouse clicks are currently done with the C and Z buttons on the chuck. OpenNI/NITE/FAAST don’t currently support open and close hand gestures – when they do I’ll release a new video to show the full potential of B&W on Kinect. Leaning forwards tilts the camera down, kicking forward kicks it up. Leaning left and right also rotate the view (not demonstrated in this video). Hitting both C and Z at the same time let you zoom and rotate with your “mouse” hand.”

For more information about this program, visit the project’s Youtube Account.

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