Make your superhero dreams into a reality with this Kinect “mirror”. The Kinect AR-Mirror allows users to be the superhero they always want to be through augmented reality and the Kinect. This video by¬†Alvaro Enriquez de Luna displays the program at work and how users can indulged in their childhood fantasies with the Kinect. In the video, the user is given a virtual dress of a superhero which adapts based on the user’s position. This then gives the illusion that the user itself is wearing the superhero costume. It doesn’t end there, the user can also have various superpowers. The user’s punching action delivers a force punch that can be seen in the program. The combination of both features propels any user into a life of superhero service and delight!

For more information about the Kinect Be The Superhero AR-Mirror, visit the project’s website.


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