Criminals beware as the mechanized crime fighter is now one of the avatars that users can enjoy using the Kinect. RoboCop, the famous Detroit City law enforcer can be now be used as a digital representation of any user. There are already a lot of skins that the users can pick and control using the Kinect and the addition of RoboCop is indeed a welcome one. With his armor plating and visors, users can get to know how it feels to be one of the greatest robot detectives in fictional history.

This video by¬† shows how the Kinect’s motion capture technology can detect the user’s movements and use it so RoboCop can imitate. The project was made using the Kinect depth camera and the 3ds max. We’re seeing a huge influx of different characters we can use with the Kinect. Who will come next?

For more information about this program, visit its Youtube Page.

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