Body gestures can now control the AutoCad and use the various features found in the software. Kean Walmsley shared this proof of concept of using the Kinect in the AutoCad to create and modify. In this video, the user is seen being traced with point cloud technology using the Kinect. The AutoCad can thus receive data and the user can interact and use the software in real-time. This gives Autocad users an additional option of using the 2d and 3d design software. If we see further developments to this proof of concept, then we might soon see structures and designs created by hand gestures and body movements. Or we can see a more interactive and efficient AutoCad software that allow speed editing through gestures.

For more information about the Autocad with the Kinect, visit the project’s website.

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  1. Excellent demo and proof of concept. I just hope autodesk and others jump on board with this concept and incorporate versatile voice commands in conjunction with the gestures. Could really speed up the design process in a very Tony Stark sort of way (yes I had to go there). Maybe with the windows Kinect coming soon will put this into gear.


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