One of the limitations that the current Kinect has is that it doesn’t accurately track all of the user’s movements, especially rapid ones. This sometimes leads to some lag issues that can break the effectiveness of an application. While Microsoft is steadily working on addressing these faults, today we’ve got a glimpse of what the future of Kinect could be like.

The tech demo features three prototype systems that utilize pico projectors and the Kinect. These projectors are the collaborative output of teams from the Lancaster and Newcastle Universities, together with Microsoft Research, for the Pervasive Conference. The projectors are able to rapidly create 3D models of the environment and give users the ability to realistically interact with them. In one example, the user is able to interact and control a projected image using his shadow.

There are so many potential real world applications to these projectors and could very well change how we live dramatically. While it may still take years of development before this technology is available for commercial use, it’s still cool to know that there are people working very closely to bringing what us sci-fi fans have been wishing for: a real live working holo-deck! We’re all looking forward to the day we get to chill-out in our virtually augmented spaces. Keep it up, guys!


  1. Brilliant work !! Kinect is definitely the device that will change this world , I am still an intermediate kinect programmer and I hope I could build on these brilliant projects in my masters program . Thank you for posting 🙂 🙂 .


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