Are you bald and longing for the days when you still had your hair? Is Regrow just not working outfor you? Then we may just have the second best thing – add hair to everything with Kinect!

Of course, you’re not really going to grow hair. But at least you’ll get to see yourself with some again. And don’t stop with just adding hair to your head; if you’ve ever been curious about seeing ANYTHING with hair, this is the hack for you.

The hack works by using openFrameworks and requires an ofxKinect add-on. How does it work? Here’s what the developer has to say:

“In short, make an isosurface of the depth output from the Kinect and calculate the normals. Then calculate points on the triangles where a hair starts. Now, start growing the hair in the direction of the normal in that point. Add some random and gravity to the growing direction of the hair. And to finish it off, calculate the lightning on every hair segment for a more realistic effect.”

It’s silly fun for sure but not every Kinect hack has to be a “technology revolution.” The fun hacks help remind us that this was built for that in the first place. And it’s a something that you can try out to flex your hacking muscles while having a laugh with friends.

Head on over to the project website to see more hairy samples and to learn more about the hack

Visit Project Website


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