Russian company United 3D Labs developed a 3D stereoscopic interactive game as part of a promo event for 3D LG CINEMA TVs.

The user controls the game via gestures, utilizing a Kinect sensor. The game was made using a 3D stereo format and demonstrates all the LG CINEMA 3D TVs advantages in an interesting and highly interactive way. It was also a good showcase of how emerging technologies, motion controls and 3D viewing in this case, can combine to create even better entertainment tools.

The promo, which was held at one of Moscow’s biggest cinemas, was a huge hit with customers and is another great example of how you can use the Kinect to make advertising campaigns more attention-grabbing and engaging for consumers.

Learn more about the developer and their projects using the link below.


Visit Project Website


  1. I have a 3d tv xbox 360 and Kinect will be trying this, 3d movies and 3d games make everything far more enjoyable, I will comment after Thanks for showing where I can download this from


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