Online shopping has been a great boon for people who don’t enjoy having to put pants on just to get some new stuff. The biggest issue with this method of buying things is that it’s not really what you could call “fun” and there’s no chance for you to handle and inspect the merchandise. And while we’re still probably a few years away before a true shopping experience can be duplicated at the comfort of your own home, today’s featured hack brings that reality a little closer.

Store Trek is a 3D store that crosses the divide between in store and online shopping. Online is quick and convenient and products are recommended to you but the experience is not very engaging or immersive. In store you can see entire product ranges but they are not tailored to you, you have to travel to the store and get stuck in the queue at checkout. Store Trek takes the benefits of in store by delivering tailored virtual shelves in a virtual store layout driven by a personalization engine you would have with an online store.

The Kinect allows you to walk round the TV with the shelves automatically adjusting to give you the rich 3D experience. Rendering tens of thousands of products from real retailers in real time, you can purchase items by reaching out towards the shelf and the product will be added directly to your basket.

What do you think of Store Trek? Do you think this could be the future of home shopping? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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