Looking for a fun, easy to learn Kinect-based educational game? Well then, it’s your lucky day because we’re featuring a hack that meets your needs — NumHop!

According to the developer, Nikos Poulios, NumHop is not just a fun game meant to teach people math but one that could give us an idea of what we can do with motion sensors to facilitate learning. Poulios describes his project as something which “aims to study the potentials of modern motion capture and body sensors technologies in educational games, involving human body in the learning process, and assisting the development of basic social skills like self and others awareness.”

NumHop features several key components — the Microsoft Kinect, Neurosky Mindwave EEG sensor, and Zephyr HxM ECG sensor. It was developed using Unity, cinder, OpenNI and OSC.

NumHop was developed as part of of Poulios’ master thesis at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and part of his requirement for his internship at Waag Society.

Be sure to share your thoughts about NumHop in the comments or on the developer’s Vimeo Channel.


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