A lot of advertisers are finding that the Kinect is a great tool to make advertisements and displays more interesting by making them interactive. People tend to stop and appreciate the ad (and the product as well) if it gives them something new to experience. This ad from Bully! and CINCO interactive is a great example.

Using a similar idea from a UK kiosk that featued the Ford C-Max (created by Grand Visual and inition), the developers created one forthe Ford Escape that allowed people to view all of its features just by turning the arm:

“Positioned as an eye-catcher for a larger installation, the kiosk allowed Canadians to virtually interact with the New 2012 Escape before it’s released in Canada.  The Kinect sensors were used to track gestures to press a start button and hover over buttons to explore features of the vehicle which animated in the user’s other hand.”

The whole thing is achieved through a configuration system that matches Kinect tracking to video feed, which was necessary in case the sensors shifted during shipping — something that actually happened. It also possesed French/English swapping as it was used across different Canadian territories.

I think these are very imaginative ads that not only give us a better idea of the products that they’re trying to sell but also give us a glimpse of where ads will be in the future. I for one am looking forward to their next output.



  1. Yes, I do agree that with the help of Kinect, the present-day automakers can easily develop more interactive ads to promote their newest creations, similar to what Ford Motors has recently done to promote its new upcoming 2013 Escape SUV.


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