The Kinect, while originally intended to be an additional gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360, has found uses outside of its intended scope. Advertising and Marketing are areas that seem to have found an interest in the Kinect with various developers finding ways to integrate the Kinect’s motion tracking technology into interactive advertisements. Today’s feature is on one such application: Winsense.

According to their website, “Winsense binds together and implements the well-known concepts of Interactive Marketing and Natural User Interface by using the Kinect platform.” The application recognizes 5 different gestures/movements which an individual can use to issue commands:

“These movements will be transformed into users’ actions by movements such us swipe left, swipe right, zoom in, zoom out and hold (as a click), and remind how to navigate a web-based application. The translation is natural and the movements become actions. To navigate the application, the swipe left and swipe right movements become similar to the forward and backward arrows of any web-browser. To make a selection, the user just holds their hand over the object and to navigate the product’s overview the user can use the zoom in and zoom out options; that is, the user just needs to move their hand near and far the shop-window.”

Click the link below to the video to see Winsense in action and don’t forget to check their website in the link below for more details.


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