Last weekend, a 56 page document was leaked that seemed to contain Microsoft’s roadmap for the Xbox 720. Some key details that were shared included a  target release date of 2013  and a launch price of $299. What’s also interesting is that the Xbox 720, at least based on the document, will come bundled with the Kinect 2 and will be part of Microsoft’s plan to take over the living room by making the Xbox 720 an all around media machine.

Rumors of a Kinect 2 have been floating around for months but one thing that people did not expect is that Microsoft plans to extend the Kinect brand to a pair of augmented reality glasses currently codenamed “Fortaleza.”

The document seems to be dated from 2010 and at that point, Fortaleza seems to be in its early stages. The document does state that the glasses will be the culmination of Microsoft’s efforts to build a heads up display for the Xbox. It will have Wifi and/or 4G capabilities, as well as other advanced connectivity options, and appears to be Microsoft’s response to the Google Glasses. The Kinect Glasses are expected to hit the market in 2014, one year after the launch of the Xbox 720.

While we are excited about Microsoft’s plans, we’re taking everything with a HUGE grain of salt. Either someone had a lot of free time or this is an outdated roadmap and Microsoft may have completely changed gears. It is worth noting however that Covington and Burling LLP, an international law firm that counts Microsoft as one of its clients, has taken steps to have the contents of the document removed online. This makes everything seem a little more legit.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be keeping an eye on any other developments or official responses from Microsoft. Be sure to check back for more updates!


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