Another practical Kinect program from the community only this time, this might change our whole perception of libraries. Being able to browse through books through an interactive panel using only your hands, this latest Kinect program encourages users to access archives of books. This video from vStream Digital Media showcases their latest Kinect exploit by embedding digital book copies from the collection of  Philip Lynott and making them available for reading through a digital panel. This panel is controlled by hand gestures which the Kinect detects. Users can select books, flip pages and examine the content by using only their physical movement. Since the panel is large enough, other users can join read the contents of the books. This is indeed a major development for the Kinect community as well as the academe since such an amazing natural user interface entices people to read. This also gives hope to libraries all over the world. With this Kinect Hack, a much more advanced and organized library concept can be made. And since technology captivates the youth, the act of promoting education is also tackled.

The program was made with OpenNI and Adobe Air for the Philip Lynott Exhibition.

For more information about the Interactive Book, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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