Thieves beware because the Kinect has joined the fight against crime! The Kinect Kinectonitor is a security program that grants surveillance to your home and even captures intruders’ faces! This video by Brady Gaster showcases this great Kinect hack which keeps homes observed and guarded even without you there. In the video, the user sets up the camera at a strategic place in the house. If the Kinect detects any motion from its camera, it turns on and then captures the user’s face. As the intruder comes closer, the Kinect captures multiple pictures and stores them or even can send them online, guaranteeing that no criminal can get away. Now that the mighty eye of the Kinect is also centered in promoting peace by reporting crime, the device has truly become a camera for all!

For more information about the Kinect Security Camera – Kinectonitor, visit the project’s website.

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  1. I was just on the phone with Xbox discussing If this could be done. Your link for the kinectonitor wouldn’t work. I need this If it’s actually possible.


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