We are graced with a video on how a Kinect game is made through OpenSpace3d. The Kinect OpenSpace3d game video shows us how, with this friendly platform can create magnificent interactive games for the Kinect. This video by Youtube userĀ  displays the visual process of modifying existing 3d figures and make them into a workable and fully functional game. In the video, a virtual robot is being customized in order to follow the movement commands of the user. The process of attuning digital figures with the Kinect’s skeleton tracking feature is displayed, giving a brief idea behind the makings of a video game using OpenSpace3d. The end result is a gesture-based game with user’s controlling a robot and catching incoming objects. A simple game made possible by Kinect and OpenSpace3d.

For more information about The Makings of an OpenSpaced 3d game, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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