The Kinect’s depth camera is one feature of the device that a lot of developers are exploiting. Today, we’ve got a project from the guys at Second Story wherein they use a Kinect to power an interactive volumetric display:

“The volumetric display is a combination of a 10x10x16 LED matrix and Microsoft Kinect technology. Here, we have focused on creating volumetric imagery by using the depth camera to visualize information as a 3-dimensional display. To communicate with the LED cube and send information over the network, we used Microsoft .Net Micro Framework.”

According to the developers, another Kinect feature that was utilized was skeleton tracking. Using the latest Kinect for Windows SDK in combination with the Unity 3D environment has allowed the team to craft simple games for their LED Cube. One of these games allow players to interact with a bouncing ball or control the size of particles inside their cube using only their hands.

Check out more details at the project website. We’ve provided a handy-dandy link below. “>Visit Project Website



  1. check out the book “Chromatophoric Architecture” by M. Hank Haeusler if you are interested in 3D LED cubes and Volumetric displays. cheers

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