The Orchestr8 is a social media platform which visually shows the different connections a certain category or person has. Through a 3d graph and lines, people can analyze and gather information about established connections. The use of the Orchestr8 was recently made easier by having the Kinect serve as the primary module for the Orchestr8’s Natural User Interface. Manipulating the 3d web through the use of motion-commands, users can freely and easily browse through the social connections of any person or category. This innovative program partnered with the Kinect’s features grants an interactive tool for researchers to study and analyze social media connections. But the potential of the program is not limited to social media. In this video by¬†, the user can use their hand gestures to navigate around the web of connections. Law enforcement institutions can use this in analyzing criminal motives or historians can use the Orchestr8 and Kinect combination to analyze family trees in deciphering the proper lineage of a person

Here is a description of the Kinect Orchestr8 by the developer:

“A simple demo application from Orchestr8 (AlchemyAPI) that leverages the MS Kinect to manipulate 3d visualizations of social media data. The application tracks 3d motion of a person’s hand, using it as a virtual mouse cursor.

Social media data mined from tens of millions of news articles and blog posts over a period of 1+ month, using natural language processing algorithms to analyze article/blog contents, identify named entities and trends, and track momentum over time.”

For more information about the Kinect Orchestr8, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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