Some months back, we featured an interesting little game called SkiRanger. For those who ended up liking the game as much as we did, we’ve got great news for you — v1.4 is now out!

The developer promises the following enhancements following feedback from fans everywhere:

  • The game now supports Kinect for Windows and OpenNI officially (all known hacks are still working as well). It doesn’t matter which sensor you are using and what driver you have installed, the game will work.
  • SkiRanger now has multi-player support, up to 4 players
  • The beta also includes an experimental stunt level to show off the new pipes and grind tricks (We wanted to know if it would be cool to have a motion-controlled Tony Hawk type of game).
  • We have also included some funny AR apps to show off some Kinect use cases.

The developer says that they’re currently working to overcome some “Kinect licensing issues” and until that’s resolved, the game will probably stay in beta (and free). if any of our Kinecthackers out there can help them out with this conundrum, I think they’d really appreciate it.

To contact the guys behind SkiRanger, drop by their website and give them a shout. A handy-dandy link is available for you below!


Visit Project Website


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