A lot of people believe that wearable devices are the logical next phase for personal computing. We’ve been hearing rumors of companies like Valve and Apple, including Microsoft hard at work to make this a reality. But what if it looks like somebody may have already beat them to the punch using the Kinect?

Shoesense is one such device that allows users to control other linked-up devices, such as cell phones, using nothing more than gestures. The developer may have chosen a somewhat weird location for the device but it seems to be ideal because “this location makes it possible to capture relaxed and discreet as well as large and demonstrative hand gestures. In particular, we designed three gesture sets (Triangle, Radial,and Finger-Count) for this setup, which can be performed without visual attention. ”

The developer believes that his device has the following advantages/uses: (1) quickly performing frequent operations without reaching for the phone, (2) discreetly performing operations without disturbing others, (3) enhancing operations on mobile devices, (4) supporting accessibility, and (5) artistic performances.

While the device in the video does not look like it’s a Kinect, the developer says it can be used because of its depth-sensing capabilities. Be sure to check out the video and the link to learn more about Shoesense.


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