One of the amazing thing’s about the Kinect is that its has outgrown its gaming roots and manage to find applications in real-world scenarios. We’ve seen it used for everything from art, to advertising and for healthcare.

Today’s featured hack focuses on the Kinect’s uses in the healthcare space. Specifically, this application from the West Health Institute aims to help people through post-surgical physical therapy. Here are the details straight from the developer:

“We’ve developed a prototype system here at the West Health Institute called the Reflexion Rehab Measurement Tool that uses a Microsoft Kinect and software to help ensure patients are doing their physical therapy correctly to help cut costs in health care.”

It’s an interesting use of the Kinect’s features and one that could potentially change lives. This is one project that we’d definitely be keeping our eyes on.

To learn more about Reflexion, you can visit the website below.


Visit Project Website


  1. Not sure if there is a typo or if therapy is spelled differently in different English variations… (like: colour and color).
    Since you’ve just recently posted, I didn’t know if you’d want to fix the title if it is indeed a spelling error.

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