With all the buzz surrounding Nokia’s most recent Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, it’s easy to forget that there were other phones existing under the Lumia line. One of them, it turns out, used the Kinect to promote itself. Here are the details:

“In order to promote the phone – Nokia Lumia 610, we used interactive totems designed especially for this purpose, equipped with movement sensors and HD cameras. All interested clients are able to learn more about the advertised device via touchless technology. During the interactive experience, the application user can see him/herself on the totem screen. Nokia Lumia 610 appears on the screen above his/her extended hand. Application’s intuitive interface allows to turn and calibrate the size of the phone, change its color and launch films presenting its functionalities.

“Our application combines three popular technologies: gesture control – allowing to operate the application using gestures, augmented reality – expanding the limits of what is possible, and real time 3D, because the interaction is conducted in real time and in three dimensions.”

The ad may have been from 2010 but it’s still interesting to see how they’ve used the Kinect’s features to make a pitch for the Nokia Lumia 610 stand out.

Be sure to check out the link below for more details about Lemon&Orange’s Nokia Lumia 610 ad.


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