The great magician Moulla shows some prestige in his latest stint! The Great Magician Moulla performs in front of the crowd using his tech-driven and Kinect aided magic tricks! This video by Moulla showcases how an ancient craft such as magic tricks can get a great boost with the help of next-gen technology like the Kinect. In the video, the magician is able to use the motion tracking feature of the Kinect in order to create helpful visuals that coincide with his set of tricks. From conjuring an umbrella to picking out cards from the digital projector, the eyes and even the smarts can be deceived by magicians if this combination is used perfectly. With the mystery of magic being deciphered as the days pass, technology can serve as a welcome shroud to keep people guessing magicians performing. Aspire to be a tech magician now that the Kinect is available for you to experiment on!

For more information about the performance of Moulla the Magician, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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