Looking for a low cost tool Kinect data capturing, recording and exporting tool that’s not short on features? Then you may want to take a look at Cadavid Concept’s recently released KinectCapture. It’s a comprehensive tool that allows for the seamless capture and processing of data from your Kinect sensor, data that can be used for new Kinect-based projects and research.

According to Cadavid Concepts’ CEO and Director of Computer Vision Dr. Steven Cadavid, KinectCapture was “inspired by the need of both my colleagues and I for software capable of synchronously recording from multiple Kinect sensors, and then exporting that data automatically.”

The three key components in the current release of KinectCapture are data capture, export, and visualization. The capture component enables the user to synchronously record the depth, color, skeleton, and audio streams of multiple Kinect sensors simultaneously. The user can also preview and change the view angle of each Kinect sensor remotely prior and during a capture session. Through the export component, recorded capture sessions can be exported as image sequences/compressed AVI video files, Matlab (MAT) files, and XML files. The automatic export of MAT and XML files enables the seamless conversion and import of raw Kinect sensor data into third-party analysis software. AVI video files are useful for expediting the preview of a capture session, and for audio/visual synchrony analysis. Multiple capture sessions can also be queued and batch processed automatically. The visualization component is comprised of a Three-Dimensional (3-D) media player that allows the user to play
back a capture session immediately after recording. The user can advance to a specific location within the session and manipulate the data in 3-D in order to view the data from different vantage points.

You can check out the tool through their website using the link we’ve provided below. There’s a link for a free download at the website for those interested in giving it a spin. Be sure to share any projects you’ve accomplished using this recording tool from Cadavid Concepts.


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