One of the things that’s gooten a lot of people interested about the Kinect is all the possibilities it opens up regarding gesture-based computer controls. We’ve seen it in so many sci-fi movies and it’s amazing how the Kinect is bringing us closer to that reality.

Today’s featured hack is called Kinectasploit v2 and its a tool that will supposedly let you get access to any system using nothing but gestures:

Released at DEFCON20. Kinectasploit v2 is an attack toolkit using kinect and gestures to hack your way into a machines.

In this scenario you are to crack a wireless access key, scan a network, retrieve credentials, SQL inject a web site, crack passwords and perform forensics to retrieve a ‘garbage’ file from a system.

Follow the path through the game in this mix of all rooms in one video, or watch the individual rooms to get details on the room and what’s going on.

According to the developer, the Kinectasploit v2 also integrates the Kinect into 20 tools, including nmap, nessus, ettercap, metasploit, forensics, etc.

Give it a look and see if it’s just the thing you need.


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