More from our Kinect friends who love their motion capture freedom! The Kinect with iClone5 is a much awaited demo of how the depth camera can further exploit the 3d Movie Machine. This video by¬† displays the program’s potential when it comes to creating your own 3d animation. In the video, various users try out the iClone5 and test if the virtual avatars respond firmly to the Kinect’s machinations. Also, with the iClone5, users can fully explore more controls to their virtual avatars and add depth and accuracy to their work. Looking for a great mocap-friendly, animation software? Look no further as Reallusion gives you iClone5!

Here is a description by the developers:

“Computex 2011 – Reallusion introduced the new Kinect capabilities for the highly anticipated iClone5 3D Movie Machine. Users no longer need sophisticated sensors, special body suits, super computers, or an entire studio to create their very own live animations. iCloners only need one Kinect Sensor plus one personal computer, to create their own in-house animations in half the time and a tiny fraction of the cost.

These powerful features along with other amazing compatibilities will all be jam-packed in the upcoming iClone5, due to hit the market in Winter of 2011. Stay-tuned for more great news as developments unfold, and join in the Reallusion blogs, forums, and Facebook page to discuss more on this amazing software.”

For more information about the Kinect with iClone5, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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